Like the many campaigns we have fought and won, we approach our clients’ communication and strategic goals with a relentless focus on winning.

We will tell you exactly what we think, and we’ll never allow the fear of being wrong to prevent us from exploring a solution.  We will leave no stone unturned in helping our clients achieve their goals.

We are strong when it comes to traditional public relations and social media communication strategies – but where we separate ourselves from the competition is in helping our clients find the smartest, most effective and disciplined path forward when faced with complicated, sensitive or even risky situations.  Our strategic guidance and experienced execution helps our clients win every day.


“As with Patrick, Rubin convinced Warren that she could run, and win, without betraying her core beliefs. Even better, he promised that those beliefs wouldn’t be relegated to the margins. Instead, they’d drive her campaign.”


We are not your conventional PR agency.  We are not for everybody.  We are successful, experienced, fiercely loyal, and totally dedicated to helping our clients build long-term strategies that support their goals.

Whether it’s communicating a message, increasing market share, winning a campaign, dealing with a crisis, or developing a long-term communications strategy, the professionals at Northwind Strategies deliver results for our clients every day.  And when the big battles come, no one will be more prepared and motivated to help you win.