Zac Carpman
Digital Coordinator

Zac Carpman is the Digital Coordinator at Northwind Strategies.  He has experience conceptualizing, designing, and developing a range of digital and print communications and message delivery assets like websites, brochures and other print materials, videos and digital graphics.

Prior to joining the Northwind team, Zac worked to design and develop from the ground up two separate iPhone apps, and facilitated the media relations surrounding those app launches. After these two ventures, Zac independently managed a range of clients, helping to bring their digital presence to life and deliver key messages needed for success.

Since joining the Northwind team, Zac uses a blend of graphic design, video production and website development to help a range of clients – from political candidates, to nonprofit and corporate clients – reach their campaign, business or organizational goals.

Zac has been an avid photographer for several years, using photography to help educate and deliver an organization’s core values and visual identity.

After spending his last semester in Spain, Zac graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from The University of Rhode Island.