Despite the fact that a new $15 minimum wage just kicked into effect on January 1, voters in Massachusetts clearly support raising it even further – to $20 an hour. 

 Voters across the state favor that increase by a margin of 59% to 33%, lending momentum to a campaign by the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition to push lawmakers towards legislation laying out four annual minimum wage hikes that would bring the standard rate to $20 by 2027.

Do you support or oppose raising the minimum wage in MA to $20 an hour?

42% Strongly support
17% Somewhat support
11% Somewhat oppose
22% Strongly oppose
8% Not sure
Total Support: 59%
Total Oppose: 33%


Some interesting observations from the survey:

1. Women support increasing the minimum much more strongly than men.

2. Raising the minimum wage to $20 has wide support among both young and old voters.

3. There are big differences in support by party affiliation.

4. Raising the minimum wage to $20 has majority support in every region of Massachusetts.

(Polling was conducted online from February 20-23, 2023 and has a margin of error of 3.9%. Using its Bias Correct Engine to attain a representative sample, Change Research polled 711 likely 2024 voters in Massachusetts. The survey was conducted for Northwind Strategies.)