In the divided and partisan political environment we live in today, it’s increasingly hard to find issues that both Republicans and Democrats agree on. However, when we asked voters about amending the recently passed Millionaire’s Tax to exempt one-time millionaires, something strange happened.

Both Trump and Biden voters supported it overwhelmingly.

Biden Supporters:

62% Support 28% Oppose

Trump Supporters:

66% Support 25% Oppose

Here’s the question we asked:

Voters last year passed a millionaire’s tax that imposed a 4% tax on incomes above $1 million. Do you support or oppose the State Legislature changing the law to exempt one-time millionaires, such as people who sell their home or business, from paying the new tax?

63% Support
27% Oppose
10% Not Sure

In addition to bringing together Biden and Trump supporters, this policy proposal has broad support across all our demographic, political and geographic subgroups.