The Boston Globe: “State Senator Diana DiZoglio already has a documented track record for independence. That’s why she would be a good state auditor. To me, it’s as simple as that.

The Democrat from Methuen has a reputation for calling out the leaders of her own party on a variety of issues, most notably for the use of nondisclosure agreements to cover up allegations of sexual harassment. She has also protested the lack of time lawmakers are given to read bills and the lack of transparency about how bills move through the Legislature. While other Beacon Hill Democrats tiptoed around Governor Charlie Baker, DiZoglio demanded more details about a deficit in a fund that pays out jobless benefits; sought more answers from Baker concerning the deaths of at least 77 veterans from COVID-19 at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home; and called for more scrutiny of the state Department of Children and Families after it failed to identify abuse and neglect of a child who ultimately died….

DiZoglio is the candidate with a track record for being fearless and honest about her past — and fearlessness and honesty are qualities voters should want in a state auditor.”

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