George Donnelly
Vice President

George Donnelly was a journalist in the Boston area for 30 years, most recently at the Boston Business Journal, where he was editor-in-chief for 14 years. He also was a senior editor at CFO magazine and the editor-in-chief of the Tab Newspaper group, where he oversaw a group of 20 weekly newspapers in the Greater Boston area. He brings an extensive knowledge of local media and communications strategy to Northwind Strategies, which he joined in March 2016 as a vice president.

George recently completed a book, The Boston Economy: Understanding and Accessing One of the World’s Greatest Job Markets, which was published in February of this year. He teaches a course on the Boston economy at Suffolk University and has recently written op-eds on state finance for the Boston Globe and other publications.

George is a graduate of Binghamton University and is a board member of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence.